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Bride Relaxation Techniques

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Wedding Bride Relaxation Ideas From Your Wedding


On your mark, get set, now RELAX! One of the best ways to unwind after a hectic day of wedding planning activities, such as visiting vendors or planning your honeymoon, is to give yourself a slow, time-stopping bath.






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Six Paths to Bridal Sanity


If your brain is buzzing in a thousand different directions, take a moment, breathe, and try some of these quick ways to chill out.


Sit on the floor in a warm room, cross-legged, and place your hands, palm-side up, on your knees. Imagine a string connected to your spinal cord that goes out the top of your head, and lifts your upper body toward the ceiling. Close your eyes.


Line the bathroom counter with your favorite smelly candles. Run a hot bath, and put some Enya on the stereo.


Do something small with your fiancee that has nothing to do with the wedding. Rent a movie, or give each other a foot massage. Talk.


Engage your hands in a mindless activity. Chop food you're preparing to cook, stuff invitations in envelopes, wash the dishes.


Billy Crystal says he always does 20 pushups the minute before he goes on stage, because it dispells his anxiety. Sweat out your stress with a favorite physical activity.

Meditate and Give Thanks

Begin each day with gratitude. Problems and worries disintegrate when you take a few minutes to be thankful for what you have.

When it comes to harnessing your mind's energy in preparation for your wedding, use it, don't lose it!


Catching some Zzzzz the night before the wedding is essential. It is often tempting to have a few glasses of champagne to welcome the big day, but remember you have a long day ahead the following morning and bloodshot eyes in the photographs will linger on for ever. Have a warm relaxing bath with some lavender oils then go to bed Anyway you can always make up for it on your wedding night!





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Wedding Bride Relaxation Ideas Nervous Bride From Your Wedding