Role in wedding for parents of bride and groom

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Parents' Roles In Your Wedding

It's an emotional roller coaster when your son or daughter is getting married. On the upswing you are thrilled that they found that special someone to start the rest of their life with, but on the downswing, well, they'll be leaving the nest. This is an emotional time for them too. Staying involved in their wedding planning will allow you to share these experiences as you journey through this transition together. You will be making new memories to look back on and will grow even closer to each other in the process.

Mother of The Bride Role In Wedding

You've got the biggest role of all, but please don't take it too far! Remember that it is your daughter's wedding, not yours, and she wants it to be the wedding of her dreams. That being said, here is how you can help.

Who Foots The Wedding Bill?

Traditionally, it is the bride's family who flips the majority of the wedding bill, so you do deserve to have some say, within reason of course. Help the couple choose the location of the ceremony and reception that reflects both their style and your budget. This also includes the selection of vendors such as the florist, the music, the photographer, etc. It is also a time for mother and daughter bonding, and helping the bride pick out her beautiful wedding dress will do just that.

Guest List and Seating Arrangements

Contribute to the guest list planning by trying to maintain the agreed head count. You can be very helpful when it comes to deciding which guests can be added or crossed from the list to achieve that number. In many cases, the mother of the bride will assist the wedding party in planning the bridal shower. Keep relatives informed on where the couple is registered in case they can't make it.

Choosing Dresses and Colors

It is customary that the mother of the bride talks to the mother of the groom regarding her dress choice. The dresses should compliment each other, however, the mother of the bride has the first choice when it comes to selecting a color. If keeping tradition, you will be the "first" person who is escorted down the aisle to begin the wedding processional, you will sit in the front row during the ceremony, and you will stand on the receiving line to accept congratulations. Be sure to keep a box of tissues near by if you have a tendency to get emotional.

Mother Of Groom Role In Wedding

When the engagement has been announced, your first duty is to contact the bride's parents and arrange for a get together. If you live too far away for this to be possible, a telephone call or letter expressing your happiness about the engagement will be suffice.

Welcome and Rehearsal Dinner

If the bride doesn't know your family well, you should host a dinner, so you can get to know each other. Help the groom with the guest list from your side of the family, and provide your input if the list has to be cut back or expanded upon. Do what you can to help at the bridal shower, and keep relatives informed on where the bride and groom are registered.

Traditionally, the parent's of the groom host the rehearsal dinner. You will be next in line after the mother of the bride gets escorted down the aisle. You will be seated in the front row at the ceremony, and you will be stand on the receiving line to accept congratulations.

Special Parent Dances

Then comes that moment you've been dreaming about the mother/son dance. Treasure this special time together, and enjoy this dance to the fullest. It is a memory you will treasure for a lifetime.

Wedding Role For Father of Bride

This one can be tough. You never thought the day would come when your little girl is all grown up and leaving home to start her own family. You're stressing out, and counting your pennies in anticipation for that bill. Don't worry, you are not alone! Being the father of the bride can take an emotional toll on you, but try to remember, you are not losing a daughter, you are gaining a son-in-law.

So go along when the search is on for places to hold the ceremony and reception. You may not have much input when selecting flowers or a photographer, but you can probably offer much appreciated suggestions when it comes to choosing the menu, the alcohol, the limos, or the music.

Helping out-of-town guests with travel arrangements will take a tremendous burden off the bride and groom. Make reservations in the nearest hotels, find the best airline rates, etc.

You have two major moments for which you will hold drear and proud for the rest of you life. One is to escort your beautiful daughter down the aisle and give her away to the man she is going to marry. The other is to share that emotional father/daughter dance that usually brings the house down with buckets of tears. Treasure these moments in time. They are big. Really big.

Wedding Role For Father of Groom

Of all the parent's roles, you probably keep the lowest profile. But that doesn't mean your "profile" isn't important! Be there for your son in whatever he needs. Offer to help in anyway you can, whether it be monetary, a second opinion, or moral support.

Once the engagement has been announced, the groom's parents traditionally arrange for a get together with the bride's parent's to get to know each other better and share in the excitement. The groom's parents also host the rehearsal dinner. Helping with the travel arrangements of out-of-town guests is a tremendous help to the couple. Welcome the bride into the family and express how pleased how you that your son has found such a wonderful young woman.

Escort your wife down the aisle, and accept congratulations on the receiving line. Offer the father of the groom any help me may need. Working together for this common union will benefit everyone, and lead to strong and supporting relationships in the future.

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Mother of the Bride

The mother of the bride should be very involved with the wedding plans. However, it's important to remember that this is really your daughter's special day! The bride will greatly appreciate your suggestions and help, but you should remember that this is her big chance to plan the wedding of her dreams, her way.

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