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Bride Diet & Fitness Prior To The Wedding Day

Of course, every bride and groom wants to look their best for the big day. Problem is, it can't happen overnight, so if you are serious about losing weight and/or getting in shape, start your program way ahead of time. Losing weight the healthy way by changing your eating habits and losing weight gradually will also make it easier for you to keep it off. On the same note, the longer that you've been exercising or weight training, the better your body shape will be. But okay, you didn't start as soon as you'd like and now the wedding day is coming up quicker than you thought it would. What to do? Here are some ideas that might help out.

Wedding Weight Loss - Finding The Time

Everyone is busy these days. Free time is hard to find, so you have to make the time. It is easier than you think. You're driving to work, so when you pull into the parking lot, park in the furthest spot away from the door. While sitting at your desk, tighten your abdominal muscles and hold them for as long as you can. Relax a moment, then do it again - all day long. You've got an hour for lunch? Have a yogurt, then put your sneakers on and take a power walk. Every little bit counts. You will burn calories, get fresh air, and you'll feel better all over. You may feel a little sluggish at first, but keep at it. Your stamina will increase, and soon you'll surprise yourself by noticing that you have that extra little sprint in your walk. You'll even start to look forward to the walk! And always take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator wherever you may be. Make it a new way of life until it becomes automatic.

At home, walk the dog. Make it a brisk walk and go around an extra block or two. Take a walk to the mailbox to mail your letters. Try to keep busy with projects like painting, lawn care, doing a puzzle with a lot of pieces, organizing that overstuffed box of photographs, etc. The busier you are, the less you will think about eating. An old favorite of mine is to put on some music that gets your heart pumping, and keep running up and down the stairs until the song is over. Still got energy, play another one. There are limitless exercise tapes you can do at home instead of vegging like a potato in front of the TV. But if you go this route, make sure it is someone you like, or you will lose interest fast. If Richard Simmons doesn't quite do it for you, find someone who will. Give Kathy Smith a try. She is a top notch fitness instructor who can show you how to sculptor your body in 40 minutes every other day.

Losing Weight - Meal Substitution

Have you ever had a Slim Fast shake? They are pretty good, and each one is only 180 calories. Substitute one or two meals a day with one of these, and they will control your hunger for up to four hours while providing you with the nutrition you need. Another helpful hint - drink lots of water. A full glass before every meal will take up room in your stomach, so you will eat less. Feeling hungry between meals? Have a tall glass of water to hold you over. Having dinner? Eat the salad before your meal. Same concept.

Look Thinner For Your Honeymoon

You're on your honeymoon, and just about every bride's nightmare are thoughts of the bumps and bulges of cellulite that can ruin your day at the beach. This little trick really works to reduce the appearance of cellulite on your thighs. In every shower, take a loofah or massaging tool, and massage the troubled areas in a circular motion using as much pressure as you can. This will increase the flow of blood and will help loosen up the fatty deposits. Drink water which will help flush out your system. While blow- drying your hair or brushing your teeth, do knee bends or squats until you're done. Keep this up and you will start to notice a difference. Shame on me to offer this little secret, but for you brides who still want to whittle away another inch or two, try the "Shape fx" clothing and swimwear line. As their slogan goes, it is "designed to make the body you have, look like the one you want". Go on-line, and check it out at Spiegel or Newport News. In addition to a clothing and swimwear line, Shape fx also has the greatest variety of undergarments that are designed to disguise all the areas on your body that you think need improvement. Instantly you will look inches thinner.

Do the best you can with your "self-improvement", but don't forget for a moment that you love each other for who you are. Don't you know that you are beautiful!? Enjoy one another to the fullest and let any insecurities you can't fix fall to the waste side. This is the time to focus on your love, your wedding day, and all the anticipated promises your future will hold. Be confident in being you, and that is the most beautiful reward of all.

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Wedding Weight Loss Tips

Workout Motivation

Need motivation for that wedding workout? Find a workout buddy that will give you motivation, encouragement and accountability. Your fiance is a great first choice!

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