Wedding Tuxedo Style Ideas

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Choosing the Right Tuxedo

To find the best tuxedo that suits your style as well as your body frame, save yourself a lot of time, and go straight to a reputable tuxedo shop. Finding the best tux for you is what they do. You may like a certain cut, but whether you can successfully wear it is something else.

Choose The Right Tuxedo Style For You

A short man may like the formal look of a top hat and long tails, but in reality, it is a tall and slender man who can wear it well. You may like the look of a vest, but if you have a bit too many inches around your mid section, it might not be the best choice for you.

Before you go to the tuxedo store, it wouldn't hurt for you to glance through your fiancÚe's bridal magazine to see if any tuxedo styles catch your eye. You can also take a look on-line. Bring the pictures and/or print-outs when you go to the tuxedo shop to give the salespeople an idea of what kind of styles you like. They'll take it from there.

Wedding Tuxedo Accessories - The Finishing Touches

If you're going the all out to rent or buy the "perfect" tux for your special day, please complete the look and go for the right shoes. This finishing touch adds polish to your entire look, so don't overlook it. Make sure they are comfortable because you will be on your feet all day.

A timeless and classy look which adds unmistakable finesse to your wedding attire is tie clasps and cufflinks. These details are eye-catching and a fashion must for the well dressed man. Tie clasps and cufflinks also make as excellent gifts for your wedding party.

Tuxedo Tie Selection Tips

Complete your look with the right tie selection. It is also good fashion style to bring the colors of your wedding into your look. For example, if the bridesmaid's gowns are sea foam green, you may want to accentuate your tux by folding a sea foam green satin handkerchief into the breast pocket. If you opt to wear a corsage or boutonniere, it should be of the same flower that makes up the bridal bouquet. The ribbon at the bottom can be of the sea foam green color.

So remember, choose a tux that suits both your individual style and shape. The right tuxedo will make every man look like a million bucks. And that is how you should feel on your wedding day.

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Wedding Tuxedo Tips

Tall and Slim Tux

If you are tall and slim, longer cut tux jackets with four or five buttons or more will fit well. Also consider double-breasted tuxedo coats with some extra padding in the shoulders.

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