Wedding Bridal Shower Ideas

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Bridal Shower Tips and Ideas

This special occasion to honor the bride-to-be is a tradition that the bride will remember for a lifetime. It is customary that all females who will be invited to the wedding are to be invited to the shower. It is also customary that the maid of honor and bridesmaids will host the shower, but as with everything, there are always exceptions to this rule. These exceptions should be ironed-out ahead of time between the bridesmaids and the bride's family to insure the success of the occasion for all.

Bridal Shower Surprise Party

Usually the bridal shower is a "surprise party" for the bride. Although the bride knows that she will most likely have a shower, she does not know when or where it will be. Often the groom himself will mislead the bride into thinking they are going to another affair, and then voila - they open the door, everyone yells surprise, and the groom goes on his way. A note for any groom who wants to earn big points bring along a change of clothes for the bride in the event that she is not dressed appropriately for the occasion when she arrives.

Wedding Bridal Shower Location Ideas

Showers can be held anywhere, a restaurant, a catering hall or in a private home. The decision of the location is usually based on convenience and expense. Wherever you decide to have it, here are some basics.

Bridal Shower Decoration Tips

As with any party, decorate accordingly. Typical bridal shower decorations consist of paper wedding bells, white umbrellas, lace, candles, and flowers. Theme oriented napkins are placed on the table for a personal touch, and favors can be wrapped in matching bridal shower wrapping paper or tied with white tulle.

Practical favors are usually preferred rather than ones that just collect dust on shelves. How about a trio of wooden spoons tied together with tulle, or a heart shaped cookie cutter inside a pull-string bag which includes a "recipe" for a happy marriage? Fragrant sachets are also nice as is a lovely compact mirror or a lipstick case for your purse.

The Wishing Well

A Wishing Well is a novelty at almost all bridal showers, so if you're going to have one at yours, make sure you note that on the invitation. Wishing wells can be rented from party stores or you can make your own. They are generally designed to look like a well where guests will place small gifts to represent wishes for the bride. You can make your own wishing well out of practical objects which, when unassembled, the bride can use.

For example, you can purchase a white laundry basket and intertwine ribbons and flowers through it. Buy a white parasol and hang a small kettle from the handle and fill it with shiny new pennies. To connect the umbrella to the laundry basket, use plastic lattice on two sides. Use heavy duty clear tape to attach the lattice to the laundry basket, and these "walls" will be strong enough for the parasol to sit right on top. You can even dress up a plain old box if you want and use curtain rods to hold up the umbrella.

I saw a great wishing well once that was made out of a tall wastepaper basket and a mop and broom! Be as creative as you want, but do make sure the "walls" are sturdy so the well doesn't collapse in the middle of the shower. Gifts or "wishes" that get put in the wishing well are little things like candles, laundry detergent, kitchen gadgets, sponges, pot holders, decorative soaps, oven mitts, etc...anything useful and practical.

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Bridal Shower Ideas

Personalized Shower Gifts

Personalized bridal shower gifts, such as elegantly adorned frames with a favorite photo of the bridesmaid and bride or with the date of the wedding bring special meaning to a memento of the occasion.

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