Honeymoon destination wedding planning ideas.

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Destination Wedding Planning Tips

by Kenneth Koch of Your Wedding Place.com

More and more couples are combining the joy of the wedding ceremony and reception with the fun and excitement of the wedding honeymoon. Destination weddings are becoming more popular as couples desire to skip the big traditional wedding and opt for the smaller honeymoon wedding.

Are Destination Weddings For You?

If you can not give up the dream of having a large wedding with all your friends and family, destination weddings are not for you. The extensive travel planning and scheduling involved in getting everyone to the destination at the same time is nearly impossible.

Destination weddings can save you the expense of an elaborate wedding at home. If you have a small wedding party and guest list, a destination wedding is definitely for you.

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Paying For Your Destination Wedding

Use a little online research and planning to use Airlines Credit Cards to earn valuable miles to use toward your destination wedding or honeymoon travel!

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Packing For A Destination Wedding

If you do decide on a destination wedding, there are some essential items you will need to take with you.

You will want to carry critical items with you, rather than trust checking them in at the airport. The bride's gown and groom's tuxedo are examples of items that will be difficult to replace on a tropical island destination if they are lost in transit. Also carry original documents such as birth certificates and marriage licenses to the destination in your carry on luggage.

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Locations For Getting Married On Your Honeymoon

Getting married on your honeymoon has become popular in areas where luxury resorts have included everything you need to get married in one package.

Many resorts, line Sandals in the Caribbean, include a minister, wedding cake and entertainment at no additional costs. The Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico and Canada are popular honeymoon destinations which have all-inclusive package resorts of this type. A fairytale destination wedding at Disney World in Florida or Disney Land in California are other popular locations.

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Planning a destination wedding and honeymoon at a luxury resort hotel in the Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica or Disney in Florida or California.

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Expert Tips

Destination Wedding Travel Tips

Carry critical items with you, rather than trust checking them in at the airport. The bride's gown, groom's tuxedo, original documents such as birth certificates and marriage licenses should be taken to the destination in your carry on luggage.

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