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The Basics Of Wedding Rings

"Wear this ring as a symbol of my love..." is often said during the part of the wedding where the bride and groom exchange rings. This is certainly one of the most exciting and romantic parts of the entire ceremony. After all, the rings are filled with tradition and symbolism representing the love the married couple shares.

The Symbolism of the Wedding Ring

Exchanging wedding rings during the wedding ceremony is a traditional part of the event because the ring symbolizes an eternal love and bond with your beloved. It is also a symbol, which will be worn by the bride and groom throughout his and her married life, that says they are married and committed to loving one another forever. Wedding rings can become even more special when they are passed from one generation to the next as a part of a family tradition. It is little wonder the ring is such an important part of the ceremony!

Saving Money on Your Wedding Ring
Although the rings are an important part of the wedding and are exchanged as a showing of love, the reality is that they can be quite expensive. Therefore, many couples are choosing to purchase inexpensive wedding rings for their special day. Another option is to choose rings that are less expensive for the wedding ceremony and then purchase higher quality rings at a later date.

Some couples even choose to skip the ring exchange aspect of the ceremony. After all, the guests generally cannot actually see the rings and won't even know if rings weren't purchased. Still, many couples feel incomplete without a ring exchange, particularly since it is considered to be such an important part of the wedding ceremony tradition.

Wedding Rings – Making Your Rings More Special

Of course, even if you do have to cut some corners on your wedding rings, there are still many inexpensive things you can do to make the rings special. For example, you could have your wedding rings engraved with the date of your wedding and with the initials of your beloved. This way, you can make your wedding rings unique and special.

Changing the Color
Regardless of your wedding ring budget, you might want to get creative when it comes to the metal you choose for your rings. While golden rings are generally chosen for a traditional wedding, you might want to silver colored rings. Or, if you are looking for higher quality with a different color, you might want to consider white gold rings or even platinum. You should also keep in mind that you are not obligated to get matching wedding rings. In that way, you can each choose rings that suit your personal style and taste.

Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

White Gold Wedding Rings

White gold is a beautiful look for both men's and woman's wedding rings. You can find a great selection of white gold diamond wedding rings and white gold wedding ring sets. Also, if you’re looking for something a little fancier that can also become a piece of wonderful keepsake jewelry, white gold makes a very elegant engraved wedding ring that can be passed on to future generations.

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