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Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

By: William Manor

Engraving your wedding ring is a great way to add a special touch to this symbol of unending love. This small gesture can make a big impact on the one to whom you are making this pledge of love.

Engrave Romantic Sayings or Wedding Vows

What should you have engraved on your wedding ring? Following are five ideas to help you decide.

Wedding Ring Engraving Idea #1: A Simple Declaration of Love

It isn't necessary that you come up with an extraordinarily original idea. Often, the simplest phrases have the greatest impact. Sometimes, less is more. Consider engraving "I love you", "I will love you forever", or "Forever yours".

Wedding Ring Engraving Idea #2: Your Wedding Vows

If your wedding vows are not very long, you may be able to engrave them on your rings. However, if you think it's too much, you can choose one sentence or a small phrase that represents the essence of your vows and have that engraved on them. There are companies that specialize in this service. One of them is Wedding Vow Rings.

Engraving Bible Verse or Love Poems and Songs

Wedding Ring Engraving Idea #3: A Bible Verse

Engraving a Bible verse on a wedding ring is probably one of the most popular options. You might choose a verse about love such as "Love never ends" from 1 Corinthians 13.13 or "My beloved is mine and I am his/hers" from the Song of Solomon. For other ideas, look up the word "love" in a Bible dictionary of concordance. You'll find a long list of verses that you can choose from.

Wedding Ring Engraving Idea #4: A Love Poem

While not as popular as days gone by, poetry is still a perfect way to express one's deepest emotions. You might try writing your own love poem. If you have no inclination for writing, you can always turn to a famous poet. There are plenty of web sites on the Internet about love and romance. You shouldn't have any problem finding a love poem that you like.

Wedding Ring Engraving Idea #5: A Special Song

Is there a particular song that you and your partner have declared to be "our song"? Usually, it's a song that either reminds you of a special moment in your relationship like the first time you met, tells a story similar to your own or speaks perfectly of the feeling you have for one another. You can have the title of the song engraved in your wedding rings. A better idea might be to have a line from the chorus engraved in them.

These are just a few ideas. There are other possibilities. What's important is that you choose a message that expresses your feelings and reflects your personality.

Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

Wedding Ring Sizing Tips

The first thing to do when buying a ring is to find the size of the future bride's finger. The best way to find out the size is to see if the rings she already wears fits your finger. If not, you can always take a sneak measurement of the diameter of the ring. Other ways to find out are to ask a friend or relative, or even take her to a jewelery shop to buy her a ring as a present and then make a note of the size of the rings she tries on.

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