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Engraving Your Wedding Bands

When you decide to give engraved rings in your wedding, you want to make sure everything is perfect with the rings and their markings. That is why you will want to do a bit of extra research before choosing where to purchase your rings. When searching for the perfect rings, you will find that you have three choices of places to buy from: jewelry stores, chain jewelry stores, and the Internet. Each has its advantages and concerns that should be considered when deciding where to make your purchase.

Jewelry Store Wedding Band Engraving

A small independent jewelry store offers a hometown service. These stores will often be more concerned with getting your rings right since they are in your community. The engraving will probably be done by hand on sight, though a few may send the rings off to have this done.

The prices at jewelry stores are often comparable to the prices you will find on the Internet and in chain stores. One problem with these stores, however, is that they are often one or two man businesses. If they are good, they will be busy. If something were to happen to that one person before your rings are completed, you could be stuck with not enough time to send them off to be finished before the wedding. Plus, if you were to move, would you have to send the ring in for service to keep the warranty?

Chain Store Wedding Ring Engraving

A chain store solves the concerns regarding the work not getting completed on time as well as determining where you will have to send the rings to be serviced. Since the rings in most chain stores are machine or laser engraved, there is of a less chance that they won't be completed on time. Service isn't likely to be a problem. After all, since the store is a chain, you can have your ring serviced at any store in the chain. The biggest problem with chain stores is their size. You rings become one of hundreds or thousands to be engraved and there is no more concern for your rings than any other. Also, shipping presents another potential hazard for your rings.

Internet Engraving
The Internet has become a clearinghouse for engraved rings. Low price laser engraving machines have encouraged many people to open their own engraving business from home and market via the Internet. This is not to say the quality of online goods is poor. While some may be, many are equal or better than high-end hand engraving. The concern here is that you can never really see a sample of the work before you make a purchase. You cannot tell how deep the engraving is or determine how long it will last from a picture. There is also the lost in shipping concern with ordering off the Internet.

Wherever you decide to buy your rings, make sure the place is reputable. Ask to see sample from brick and mortar stores and try to find a customer of an online jeweler for a reference. This way, you can make sure the ring ceremony is perfect.

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Engraving Wedding Rings or Bands

A specialty process adapted to a not so new technology, called laser engraving, has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for wedding couples who want to engrave longer inscriptions on their rings.

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