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Wedding Rings - The Beauty Of White Gold

Do you want a contemporary look for classic wedding bands? Do you like the brilliance of silver but want something longer lasting? Perhaps you should consider white gold as the metal for your rings.

What is White Gold?

White gold is a beautiful choice for wedding bands. In fact, white gold is as classic as traditional yellow gold, yet is has a more brilliant look, similar to platinum.

Many people do not realize that white gold is actually made from a mixture of yellow gold and at least one white metal. Lower end white gold uses nickel as its white metal while higher end uses palladium. The highest end white gold mixtures are usually around 17 carat gold with palladium, sometimes even with trace amounts of platinum. High carat white gold is more resistant to tarnish than silver or sterling silver.

Plating White Gold Rings

White gold is actually a very pale grey in color. To create the glittering white color that is associated with the metal, it is plated with Rhodium. Rhodium is a soft metal that is also used to whiten platinum. Since it is soft, it will erode over time. To keep white gold at its pure brilliance, you must have the ring serviced every year to year and a half. During service, the ring will have a new plate of rhodium applied to restore its luster. The price for this service should not be very high.

Considering Allergies
When white gold is made with nickel, care must be used if you have a history of skin allergies. About one person in eight is allergic to nickel and a rash may develop when worn for long periods. White gold made with palladium should not cause the same reaction.

Choosing the Right Style
There are many styles of rings available in white gold. White gold is often used in diamond jewelry to create a pure "white ring." It is often sold in wedding sets with a white gold engagement ring and a platinum wedding band. Many men's rings mix white gold with platinum or yellow gold to create contrast.

If white gold is your choice for rings, remember the important things when shopping. You will want to know what the gold is mixed with for allergy reasons, you will want to know the manufacturers recommendation service schedule, and you will want to know the cost of that service. Many ring makers offer service plans to reduce the cost of rhodium replating. If you keep your ring serviced and clean, your white gold rings will last as long as your love.

Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

Gold or Platinum Wedding Rings?

Gold is a traditional setting, however platinum has taken off as the latest trend in wedding rings and bands. The decision to select gold wedding rings or opt for platinum rings is based on the personal style of the bride and groom. However, certain factors may contribute to the couple’s wedding ring selection.

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