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Unity Sand Ceremony - A Closer Look

Wedding traditions have changed throughout the years. From the removing of the word "obey" to the addition of unity candles, many things have changed from the traditional wedding ceremony. Yet, weddings have still maintained their place in society as the ultimate celebration.

With an event this important, many adapt traditional ceremonies to suit their individual and combined personalities. One of the more recent trends in making a change in tradition is the unity sand ceremony.

What is the Unity Sand Ceremony?

The unity sand ceremony is similar to the unity candle ceremony. Instead of using two different candles to light a single candle, however, couples pour different colored sand from separate containers into one container. The mixing of the sand represents the mixing of the individuals' lives as one. The end result is a glass or plastic piece filled with multicolor sand that is capped and becomes a piece for the new home.

History of the Unity Sand Ceremony

The popularity of the unity sand ceremony skyrocketed in 2004 after the star of the reality show The Bachelorette, Trista Rhen, and her fiancÚ, Ryan Sutter, were married that year on TV. Over 26 million viewers tuned in to watch Trista and Ryan perform the unity sand ceremony. Since then, a thriving marketplace has grown around this concept.

The origin of the ceremony is disputed. Many claim the Native Americans invented it while others point to Hawaii as the source. There are many Native American and Hawaiian sayings included in unity sand ceremonies, though not always. Because of the possible Hawaiian connection and beautiful setting, many couples hold their wedding and perform the sand ceremony on the beaches of Hawaii.

Adaptations to the Unity Sand Ceremony

There can be many adaptations made to the original unity sand ceremony. For example, the sand may be different colors for the bride and groom. Or, the sand may come from a special place for the bride and groom. Sometimes, it is actually soil from their hometowns. Some ceremonies also give different members of the family colored sand to pour in to the container along with the bride and groom. Others leave a small amount of sand in their separate containers indicating that while they are joined, they are also separate. The ceremony can be adapted however you would like.

Any reputable wedding planner will know about the sand ceremony and can assist with adding it to your ceremony if you desire. If you are planning your wedding yourself, there are several places online to order sand of any color for the occasion. Containers are available representing any religion or lifestyle. If you are looking for something unique for your wedding, consider a unity sand ceremony.

Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

The Wedding Unity Candle Ceremony

The unity candle ceremony is not a religious ceremony and is commonly used by all faiths. The ceremony provides an opportunity for the bride and groom to involve and honor their parents during the wedding.

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