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Wedding Memorium Unity Candle Tips and Ideas

On your wedding day candles can be used as a symbol of uniting a new family, and to remember someone you loved dearly. Here are some articles with tips and ideas for using Memorium and Unity candles as part of your wedding ceremony.

Memorium / Unity Candles Articles

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Unity Candle
Unity Sand Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Memorial Candle Lighting
A memorial candle ceremony is a good way to include a deceased loved one in your wedding ceremony. A personalized memorial candle set is an elegant way to have that loved one participate in your special day.

Photos in Remembrance
Another way to recognize those who are no longer with you is to place photos of them in a visible area during the ceremony. The couple can place a flower near the pictures at some point in the ceremony.

Wedding Unity Candle
Make your children feel they're an important part of the new family. Select a Unity Candle personalized with your names, your wedding date, and also your children's names.

The Unity Sand Ceremony
Instead of using two different candles to light a single candle as in the unity candle ceremony, the couples pour different colored sand from separate containers into one container.

Quick Wedding Planning Advice

Preparing The Unity Candle

Place the unity candle on a small table near the altar before the wedding ceremony. It's a good idea to light the wicks for a moment to allow them to be lit more easily during the ceremony. Make sure you know who's bringing the matches.

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