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Making Honeymoon Cruise Reservations

by Shannon Kietzman, writer for Your Wedding

If you are planning a honeymoon cruise, you most likely want to make your cruise reservations well in advance. After all, who wants to spend a year planning a magnificent wedding and then not be able to take your romantic honeymoon cruise immediately afterward? Luckily, most cruise lines allow you to make cruise reservations over a year ahead of time. Or, if spontaneity is what you desire, last minute cruise tickets are often available as well.

Making Honeymoon Cruise Reservations Early

When you make your honeymoon cruise reservations early, you will enjoy a number of perks. First of all, you will have a greater number of options available. You will have your pick of itinerary options, cabin choices, and dates for your honeymoon cruise. In addition, if your budget is tight, you can generally pay in three or four payments when you make your cruise reservations early. Otherwise, you might have to pay in one lump sum.

When it comes to making early cruise reservations, you need to change your way of thinking. When it comes to reservations at a hotel, for example, three months ahead of time is generally considered early. When it comes to a cruise on the other hand, early can mean over a year in advance. For the most part, however, six to eight months ahead of time is adequate time to make your honeymoon cruise reservations. The best thing to do is to plan it at the same time you make your wedding date plans. That way, you can be sure the days match.

Making Last Minute Cruise Reservations

If spontaneity is in your blood, you might want to make your honeymoon cruise reservations later. Last minute cruises can be highly romantic and perfect for eloping couples. In addition, there are a number of last minute cruise deals that can save you substantial amounts of money. After all, cruise lines are looking to fill up the rooms that are still available. Therefore, they are willing to sell cruise tickets for much lower prices. Yet, you still enjoy the same services as anyone else on board.

What is considered a last minute cruise may vary from person to person. If you need airfare to get you to the departure port, for example, “last minute” may still be a couple weeks in advance since you will need to make arrangements to fly to your destination. If you are within driving distance, however, “last minute” can mean the same week as the cruise departure date. Booking a honeymoon cruise too late, however, will mean that you need to arrive at the departure port earlier than other travelers because you will need to complete paperwork that could not be mailed to you ahead of time.

No matter what you choose – a early cruise reservation or a last minute cruise deal – your honeymoon cruise will be sure to be one you cherish.

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