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Understanding the Honeymoon Cruise Port

The cruise port is the location where your wonderful and memorable honeymoon cruise begins. Nonetheless, finding the cruise port and being properly prepared for the port is something many travelers do not consider.

Getting to the Cruise Port

For many honeymoon travelers, the first area of difficulty is actually locating the cruise port. The majority of ports are located in downtown areas near to the water, which tend to be congested. If possible, it is usually a good idea to locate the port the day before if you are driving to it. This way, you will be sure to have no problems locating it on the day of your departure. If you are flying, however, there are usually shuttle services available to take you directly to your port. This is especially true if you have arranged for airfare through the cruise line.

If you are driving to the cruise port, you need to take parking into consideration. The majority of ports charge $10 per night for parking, which is not included in your cruise package. Some of the larger terminals will allow you to pay with a credit card or a check. In addition, some of the parking arrangements are in a garage, though the majority are alongside the terminal.

After arriving for your honeymoon cruise, you will also want to start the process of getting your luggage loaded up on the ship. You should be able to find porters near the entrance to the terminal before you park. Or, you might need to park first and carry your luggage to the terminal. Either way, be sure to have the baggage tags you received beforehand filled out. These help the porters deliver your luggage to your cabin after boarding. The standard gratuity for this service is $1 per bag, though it is not required. In addition, the porters are not actually employed by the cruise line, so the cruise line is not responsible for any problems with your baggage.

Boarding the Honeymoon Cruise Ship

Your cruise ticket will specify when you can board the ship. It is, however, usually a good idea to arrive a bit earlier than your boarding time. This will give you more time to complete any necessary paperwork before you embark. 1-2 hours before departure is generally a good window of time.

Necessary documentation for your honeymoon cruise includes something to identify yourself, such as a driverís license or passport, your birth certificate, and your cruise ticket. You should also bring a copy of your marriage license just in case there are any problems. Be sure to keep this information with you in a place where you can access it easily because it will likely be checked several times.

Arriving early to the cruise port, following the directions, and keeping your documentation on hand at all times will ensure that your honeymoon cruise gets off to a great start Ė itís nothing but smooth sailing from there!

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Cruise Packages

Pre- and post-cruise packages include hotel stays in the city of departure for you honeymoon cruise or in a nearby city. You can choose to add a hotel stay up to several days before your cruise takes off or several days cruise vacation packages

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