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Planning a Wedding Reception You Can Afford

Depending on where you live, a wedding can cost anywhere from $14,000 up to $50,000! If the word "budget" is in your wedding vocabulary, a little financial planning can go a long way. Whether you and your soon-to-be-spouse are paying your own way or if you have family contributing, here are some affordable wedding reception tips for you to follow in order to make your wedding more affordable.

Choosing An Inexpensive Wedding Location

The majority of your wedding budget will be spent on the cost of your location. Most wedding planning books and magazines will tell you that location is very important. Luckily, saving on your wedding does not mean you have to skimp on the actual location you choose.

Check your state's web site for parks that are available for ceremonies and receptions. Many parks charge a small fee for zoning purposes and will have many of the amenities you'll need for the day. Not planning on getting married during the busy spring wedding season? Many places offer a discount in the "off-peak" months for weddings. Check your local museums, playhouses or theaters, as many of these facilities will not cost a lot of money for your wedding day.

Picking Inexpensive Decorations

Flowers, escort cards and candles - oh my! Decorations can be overwhelming and expensive. One way to possibly justify the costs is to choose accents for your wedding that can be used again after the wedding day is over. At your local craft store, for example, you can purchase glass holders with candles in them. Most are white and unscented but, with a glue gun and some ribbon, you can decorate the exterior of the candles with the color or colors of your wedding. This way, you can easily make a coordinated look for your wedding. These candles can also be used as favors for guests or you can use them later in the year for a romantic candle-lit dinner at home!

Flowers can be used sparingly in order to save some money on your wedding. Include flowers in your bouquet and use some as decorations in a few key areas, which can make a big impact with little cost. Also, choosing flowers that are in-season can reduce the cost as well.

Selecting A Cost Effective Menu

When you invite people to a wedding, most guests will expect to be fed. At the same time, the food you serve does not need to be gourmet, top of the line cuisine! Focus on the main dishes by choosing chicken or pasta, which tend to be less expensive than fish or beef. You can also stick with seasonal vegetables to reduce costs and limit the beverage menu to wine and beer, as mixed drinks can increase the costs quite quickly!

At the end of the day, your guests will remember you and the commitment you and your significant other made to each other, not the over the top decor or the food you served.

Expert Wedding Planning Tips

Reception Location Cost Tips

Location is key when planning your wedding reception. Weather permitting, your wedding reception could be held in someone's back yard or at a local park to save money. Keep the number of people invited as low as possible to limit the size of reception hall needed.

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