Medieval Wedding Ceremony and Reception Location Ideas

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Medieval Wedding Location Ideas

Couple who choose to have a medieval theme wedding may find the most difficult planning detail is to find a suitable location. While there are many locations like gothic churches, historical buildings, Tudor style homes, or park areas and gardens that will work for a medieval theme setting, there are venues you can transform into a medieval setting by using decorations and props.

Churches For Medieval Theme Weddings

Churches, by architectural nature, may be built with stone and have historic features. Setting wise, these types of churches make a great backdrop for a medieval wedding ceremony. You may want to speak with the church clergy to see if they are willing to participate in a medieval theme wedding. If not, find out if the church will allow other clergy to perform ceremonies in their building or you will need to search for another church.

Backyard Medieval Wedding

If you have or can find a backyard big enough to hold your wedding guests, a backyard can be a perfect setting for an outdoor medieval wedding. If the backyard has a garden, then this just adds to the authenticity of a medieval wedding setting. Trees, plenty of flowers and benches are great additions as well. If there are not enough of these items already, adding flowers and benches may set the scene.

Local Parks or Garden Locations

With tree lined paths and open fields, local parks and gardens are another option. The Parks and Recreation Department of your local city or town run most public parks and gardens. Contact this department to find out what you need to do to hold your wedding ceremony in one of these areas. Often times, there is a rental fee involved and there are rules and regulations that have to be abided by.

Historic Homes

Some cities and towns, depending on where you live, may have historic homes you can rent. The city owns some of these homes while private parties own other historic homes. Tudor style and gothic style homes work best for medieval weddings. Find out who owns the home you are interested in and then find out rental information and policies.

Golf and Country Club Medieval Locations

Local golf and country clubs usually gardens and private rooms, which you can turn into a medieval setting with some decorations and props. Try not to let the preconceived notion about country clubs being stuffy or restricted steer you away from the possibility. Again, you can create the feel of a medieval setting with various decorations.

Chalets and Inns

Country inns and chalets are another option to consider. The architecture and décor of these types of building usually fit right into the medieval theme. So, you will not need to spend a lot of money on decorations, backdrops, or props.


If you live in an area where there is a castle or are willing to move your wedding to a location where there is a castle, then consider yourself lucky. Some are authentic castles while others are replicas, but no matter because it gives the look and feel you are looking for either way. Find out who owns the castle and see what the availability is for renting it for your wedding.

Renaissance Fairs

Renaissance fairs are perfect settings for a medieval wedding. These fairs are held all over the country and even the world. With patrons of the fair dressed in medieval clothing and the scene set, you can have a wedding ceremony without having to spend money on decorations. You can find a Renaissance fair and more information on scheduling your wedding ceremony by contacting the Society for Creative Anachronism at

Medieval Wedding Tips

Medieval Castle Weddings

Authentic or replica castles in your area can provide the look and feel you desire for a medieval wedding. Find out who owns the castle and see what the availability is for renting it for your wedding.

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