Wedding Flower Girl Accessory and Dresses Ideas

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Your Flower Girl - Dresses, Shoes, Accessories and More!

Nothing quite matches the adorable touch of a flower girl as she makes her descent down the aisle. She's the little doll that enhances your wedding party with youth, innocence and a lifetime full of dreams.

Traditional Flower Girl Dresses

Traditionally, a flower girl wears a dress with a full skirt that falls to the knee or just below. Every bridal shop carries crinolines which will poof up any dress should you need one. A flower girl's dress is usually a bright, crisp white with a colored satin sash tied around the waist with a bow in the back to match your selected wedding color. Also a popular choice is one which enhances her title, a flowered dress to add a burst of soft color to the traditionally solid colored gowns of the bridesmaids. In her hair are satin ribbons and baby breath flowers to cascade her lovely features as she smiles at your admiring guests. Or perhaps you would choose a tiara made of pearls. Many shops and boutiques offer stunning flower girl accessories, similar to those which a bride might purchase from Seventy-seven Diamonds, but specifically designed for younger girls. These accessories can perfectly compliment your chosen dress design, and add the finishing touch to an outfit. Of course, a flower girl must also be holding flowers. Her flowers should be a small, round bouquet to match the larger ones carried by the bridesmaid. A few ribbons can be added to the bottom of the bouquet which dangle as she walks.

Flower Girl Shoes

A few words of advice! Don't go crazy picking out your flower girl's shoes. Many brides make the mistake of purchasing them at a bridal shop along with the bridesmaid's shoes. There is no need to spend that much money on a pair of children's shoes that will be worn so few times. I have seen it all. You take pictures on a beautiful green lawn, and those little white satin shoes are now green. They'll be scuff marks from walking up stairs and scraping up against the curbs, and while she's sitting on the dance floor playing with the other kids, you'll have dirt - imbedded dirt that will never come out. After the wedding, the shoe store will usually dye the shoes black for free, but how much longer will they fit? So please, get a beautiful pair of white satin shoes at Pay Less.

Flower Girl Accessories

One of the flower girl's responsibilities is to hand out whatever will be thrown at the bride and groom as they walk to their awaiting car after the ceremony. Popular nowadays are white wicker baskets beautifully decorated with white tulle, satin ribbons, and delicate flowers. She can hand out rose petals, bottles of bubbles, packages of birdseed, or the traditional rice. Be sure to check on the restrictions. Some churches, for example, do not allow you to throw rice anymore. They claim that birds have choked to death while eating the rice after it had rained. Apparently, the rain caused the rice to expand, and it got lodged in their throats. Whatever you choose let your flower girl hand them out to each guest as they leave the receiving line. Be sure to remind her to smile, smile, smile!

Another tip you may want to remember be sure to have your photographer take some pictures of the bride with her flower girl - just the two of you! It makes for a priceless memory to see pictures of the flower girl looking at the bride with an overwhelming admiration as if she is Cinderella. When captured on film, the dreamy gaze on the flower girl's face wondering when she too will be a bride is priceless.

Flower Girl Tips

Flower Girl Hair Clips

Use some leftover silk flowers and ribbons to make inexpensive yet beautiful decorations to hair clips for the girls.

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