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Choosing the Perfect Favors for a Fairy Tale Wedding

Spring is the season of new beginnings, so it's no surprise that it's the most popular time of the year for fairy tale weddings. Just as the Earth is renewed, so is the love between two people when they commit to each other in front of friends and family.

Every couple wants a perfect and elegant wedding - a romantic, fairy tale day that will live forever in their memories. They have worked out everything to the last detail in order to leave a lasting impression on the guests - the flowers, the setting, the decorations ... and the wedding favors. Wedding favors should be simple, yet elegant, leaving your guests feeling as special as you and your betrothed feel on this very special day.

Types of Fairy Tale Wedding Favors

Different types of fairytale wedding favors may include candle holders with decorative fabric wraps in the colors of the day, or porcelain roses with Jordan almonds embedded in wired tulle wrapped around the base of each stem. These can be personalized with a metallic ribbon to give them extra zing. Ocean-scented candles with seashells in them are also an elegant choice. The smell wafting from these candles will transport your guests to a romantic isle in the Mediterranean, complete with soft music and playful ocean breezes.

Making Fairy Tale Favors Personal

If you want unique placement cards for your guest tables, an assortment of sea stones with potpourri in a jewel-beaded organza bag might complement your decorations perfectly. Attach each guest's name to the ribbon. This is an elegant piece that will be a real eye catcher.

White remembrance envelopes presented at wedding favors will also add to the ambiance of the occasion. These can be made of high-quality white organza tulle with white embroidered edging and an attached white silk flower and satin ribbon, and will add another touch of class to the overall appearance.

Chalets and Inns

Country inns and chalets are another option to consider for fairytale weddings. The architecture and decor of these types of building usually fit right into the medieval theme. So, you will not need to spend a lot of money on decorations, backdrops, or props.

Choosing the Right Centerpiece

Of course, no formal event is complete without the perfect fairy tale table centerpiece. Imagine a Heart-Shaped Gold Wire Basket adorning the tables of your guests, with bags of potpourri filling the room with heavenly scent. Each guest could select a bag of their choosing for a pretty reminder of your perfect wedding.

After the Big Day

The final complement of the perfect wedding is the pictures taken during this most sacred of ceremonies. After the photos have been developed, a perfect after-the-event gift to the guests could be the quintessential wedding photograph framed in a beautiful bell-shaped photo frame.

You have the power to create the most perfect and elegant wedding celebration - a romantic, fairytale wedding - when you select the right favors and accessories for your special day.

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Fairytale Wedding Favors

Fairytale wedding favors should be charming and unique and provide your guests with a feeling of awe. Wedding favors should be simple, yet elegant, leaving your guests feeling as special as you feel on your big day.

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