Beach Theme Wedding Centerpiece Ideas.

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Beach Theme Wedding Centerpieces

by Rose Smith

Decorate your tables with some fun-loving beach-theme centerpieces. Each wedding centerpiece is easy to put together, so anyone can do them.

Pail and Shovel Beach Centerpiece

Buy some children's pail and shovel sets. Use these as your wedding centerpieces. You can fill them with fresh fruit or candies (lifesavers would be perfect). You could also fill them with sand and place several sea shells placed on top.

Sea Shell Pilar Candle Centerpieces

Buy large, pillar candles with sea shells embedded in the wax. Set the candles in a low, flat dish that contains a bed of sand.

Floating Candle Beach Table Decorations

Fill clear glass bowls with colored water. Layer the bottom with sea shells and "starfish" (fake of course). Float a candle on the top.

Another beach theme wedding centerpiece idea would be to fill a bowl with water and tint it blue with food coloring. Buy some of those fake tropical fish you see in novelty stores. Float them in the water.

Last idea with the bowls :) Place colored sand in the bottom of the bowl (available at craft stores). Fill with water. Tint it a light blue if desired. Place a "castle" on the bottom of the bowl (you can find items such as this at any pet store that sells fish). Add a bit of fake seaweed for affect.

Lighthouse Wedding Reception Centerpieces

See if you can track down some lighthouses to use as wedding centerpieces. Perfect for a beach theme wedding. Check out your local hobby store.

Make seashell candles. Use large seashells and fill with melted beeswax. Insert a wick in the center and let set.

Create colored sand bottles. Get some unique shaped bottles and pour colored sand into them. You can make some very interesting designs using different colors of sand (which is available at craft stores). Insert a taper candle into the top of the bottle.

Planning Your Seaside Wedding

Fantasizing about the sunset, the fresh sea air, and your darling? Make your beach wedding dreams a reality with these top five ways to have a seaside ceremony to remember.

  • Talk To the Local Beach Council
    Before you rent those tiki torches, check out local ordinances regarding your beach wedding.
  • Have a Great Backup Plan
    Good luck or no, if it rains the day of your sandy nuptials, your dream day will be a bust. Make sure you have a sturdy alternate plan in case of rain.
  • Prepare Your Guests
    Send a save-the-date announcement up to six months in advance so your family and friends have a chance to prepare for the special location.

About The Author Rose Smith is the author of the ebook 250 Simple Wedding Favor Ideas, and several other wedding related ebooks. She owns and operates the Wedding Themes and More website, which features wedding theme ideas and planning resources.

Ideas for Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Floating Candle Table Decorations

A simple yet elegant beach wedding table centerpiece: Fill clear glass bowls with colored water. Layer the bottom with sea shells and "starfish" (fake of course). Float a candle on the top.

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