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Best Man’s Toast Writing Tips

Speaking in public is a tough one for most of us, but sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. You were honored to be chosen to represent the bride and groom as their best man, so delivering a meaningful toast comes with the package. Think of it this way; it will only take about five minutes of your life, and it will be over. So take a deep breath and do it.

Wedding Speech - Write as you Talk

To make your speech come off more naturally, try to write it so that it sounds like the way you talk. This way you won’t stumble over words that you don’t normally use and it won’t sound forced or insincere. If words don’t come naturally for you either, here’s an idea to get you started. Take a trip to your local card shop and go to the “wedding” section of the greeting cards. Read them, and copy down some of the lines that you feel you might be able to work with. Expand upon them. This will give you some ideas and hopefully your imagination can take it further.

Wedding Toast - Personalize The Speech

Personalize your toast by having eye contact with the bride and groom when you speak, and say their names. You might have a funny little story to tell about how they met, or how the groom changed for “the better” now that he met his lovely bride. Talk about a redeeming quality that each of them possesses individually and how joining them together will result in a very successful union. Share your own feelings about when you realized they were perfect for each other, and how honored they made you feel when they chose you to be their best man.

Keep Wedding Speeches Short
Whether your speech is humorous, sentimental, or serious, make sure that it is short and sweet. Get to the point, and don’t be repetitious. Stand tall, keep your head up, and speak loud enough so everyone can hear you. Say what you want to say straight out and your speech will be a memorable one. If you go on and on, you will lose everyone’s interest and you will feel deflated when you are finished. Rehearse your speech out loud in front of a mirror, so you will deliver it with more confidence. Do not sound like you are reading a script, however. It has to flow from your heart and be received like you truly mean everything you are saying.

Prepare and you will do fine. Remember it will be over before you know it, so you’ve got to focus on these few short moments and make a lasting impact. Take a deep breath before you begin and take a deep breath when you are finished. No one is expecting a public speaker at a podium nor do they want one. Be yourself, be sincere, radiate confidence even if you have to fake it, and don’t worry. You will do great!

Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

Get In Shape For Your Wedding

The day you book your wedding is the best time to join a gym. Signing up will provide all the motivation you need. Going to the gym three times a week and eating a healthy balanced diet should tone your body and keep the weight off.

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