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Great Wedding Photo Tips

Your wedding is meant to be the most extraordinary day of your life. From the flowers, to the rings, to the cake, it's a day composed of precious memories. It's only natural that you will want to capture every moment of this special day for your photo album.

Wedding Photos Tell Your Wedding Story

Scrap the ideas you have of hands folded in laps, perfectly creased gowns, and fake smiles. Wedding photography isn't about posed, put-on experiences - it's about the preparation, the commitment, and the follow-through. From the minute the decorations begin to go up to the minute the train of the bride's gown slips into the get-away car, you'll want these memories to look back on.

Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer
The task of finding a wedding photographer is a very important one. When you consider that your wedding is one of the most important days in your entire life, and that two entire families are gathering just for this union, it may hit you that this decision is a vital one. Don't worry. Though finding the right professional photographer for your wedding may seem an overwhelming task, it becomes much easier once you consider a few details.

Wedding Photography Details

1. How have you planned your wedding? Did you choose classic white and silver -is this formal, semi-formal, or informal? The style of the photographer you hire should match the style of your wedding. Traditional weddings require traditional photographers. Classic photographers use classic photography that pays particular attention to details, lighting, balance, and angles. A more modern wedding would demand that you hire a more informal, experimental photographer. The style of your wedding helps to narrow down the photographer field significantly.

2. What is your wedding budget? Have you set aside a specific amount for a photographer? The amount of money you are willing to spend on the photographer directly correlates to the quality of the photos you will receive. Sometimes, you can truly discover a bargain, though. Recently established photographers will charge less for their services than a company that has been in business for 20 or 30 years. A thorough search within your price range should produce promising results.

3. Before you put your signature on any contract, consider this question: Have you discussed exactly what you want with this photographer? Have you established the feel or tone you want to your pictures? Are there any specific shots you want, and have you told your photographer this? Make sure that you have given your photographer explicit instructions on what you are seeking in your photos. Assuming that the photographer will know what is best for your wedding is a mistake, and your wedding day is a one-time event. You can't just get married again to get good photographs!

4. When you are discussing your wishes for the photos, is your photographer responding? Is he listening and taking note? The bottom line: Is your photographer considering what your desire is for your photographs? Wedding photographers often become disinterested in their clients' wishes and begin taking stock wedding photos. If your photographer isn't willing to listen and adhere to your vision, he probably isn't the one for you. To be fair, though, in some cases, the photographer will know his business better than you do. Try to develop a give-and-take relationship with your wedding photographer.

5. Before you agree to anything, there is one very important question you absolutely must ask: "May I see a portfolio of your work?" Get a feel for the photographer and his work. Make sure that he is the photographer who will be present on the day of your wedding, as some photography studios will give you an appointment with one photographer, then send another to the actual occasion. The photographer for you will pull no punches, will work with you on every photo, and will have a style that meshes well with your own.

The important thing to keep in mind is that your wedding is just that: yours. Details are important, and when you look back on your wedding photos, you want to be pleased with what you see. If you aren't absolutely happy with what you've found, keep looking. Good luck!

Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

Wedding Photography

If you want your memories to last forever, hire a professional wedding photographer who has the equipment and knows his craft. Don't trust the memories of your big day with a hobbyist who just might make mistakes.

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