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Tips for Properly Handling the Gift Table

Proper etiquette associated with traditional weddings and receptions drives the need for a gift table at the reception. It is proper wedding gift etiquette to send the gifts to the bride's home before the wedding. But, this rule tends to vary regionally. For example, on the East Coast the gift is always sent to the bride's home. But, in the Midwest it is common practice to bring the gift to the reception where the gift is placed with others on a decorated gift table.

To accommodate the guest bearing gifts at your reception, even in locations where it is not common practice to bring the gift along, a gift table is a necessity. And, with a gift table comes gift management and the stress of a secure location.

Choosing the Right Location

Set up the table in the main reception room. Positioning the table in a distant corner, and away from any exits is preferable. Often, the table is placed near the DJ or the music for the reception. It's harder to walk clear across the dance floor with gifts, than it is to grab one and slip out an exit. Whatever you do, do not place this table in an outer lobby.

Selecting a Guard

Assign someone, such as the guest book attendant, to greet your guests and take any gifts they bring. This person doesn't need to stand guard at the gift table all night, they just need to be there at the beginning of the reception to help out your guests. A nice touch for the more organized bride would be to include a guest registry on the table for your attendant to log gifts. Establish a coding system for the log, for example, writing a number on the bottom of the gift and then including that number, along with the guest name, in the log.

Offer Options

For the cards containing gifts of money, include a basket or a box on the table. The best solution for this type of gift is a sealed, decorated box that can be opened only by breaking the seal or a metal, decorative box with a slot on the side for inserting the envelope, and a slotted bottom for removing the cards later.

After the event, the gift table attendant should make sure the gifts get from the reception to a safe location until you return from the honeymoon. They can do this themselves, or coordinate with the parents of the bride and groom.

Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

The Wedding Gifts

Be sure to assign someone before your wedding day to secure your wedding envelopes and gifts. You don't want to worry during or after the reception to try and find assistance. Choose someone you trust and someone who will have room in their vehicle to take the gifts from the reception.

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