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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are symbols of love and commitment both for the couple and for all who see the rings on their hands. It may be the most important piece of jewelry you ever buy, since it will be a part of your marriage ceremony and remain on your finger every single day of your married life. It is important, then, that a couple choose rings that reflect their tastes and personalities and that they are comfortable with wearing.

Wedding Bands - Doing Your Homework

A good place to start when purchasing wedding bands is to do some research, which can be done simply by window shopping at jewelry stores and browsing through jewelry sites on the Internet. By looking at many different styles and materials, you can get a good idea of what you like and what rings would be best for you to exchange and wear.

Choosing the Right Material
Once you have a sense of the kind of ring you want, you then have to make some specific choices. First, you have to decide what material you want for your ring. Some couples can't imagine a wedding ring in anything but pure gold, while some prefer the muted silver tones of white gold or platinum. If you do choose gold bands, make sure to select either 14-karat or 18-karat gold so you're getting a good quality ring that will last your whole life together. Another possible choice for the silver-toned look is titanium, a durable metal that is less expensive than gold or platinum.

Staying with Your Style

One you've chosen your material, you can then focus on your style. Do you want your wedding bands to be plain and simple, or do beautiful engravings or gemstones appeal to you? Rings can come with designs engraved into the metal to add to its beauty, and many couples prefer a wedding ring that is not a plain band, but includes a diamond, sapphire or ruby. Simple gem settings can add greatly to the beauty and sentimental value of a wedding band.

Many couples choose to exchange matching wedding bands, the same style of ring expressed in sizes appropriate for the man and the woman. This is common for simple, elegant styles such as plain gold bands or a single diamond in the setting, or a couple may have their own ideas about how their rings should look and get them custom made to reflect that.

Sometimes, though, the bride and groom have very different styles and don't want their rings to match each other. If this is the case, you might consider having rings that complement each other, even if they don't strictly match. Unique rings in the same style, such as classical or contemporary, can accomplish this. Or you could simply get rings made of the same metal-both of you could have gold bands, but they could reflect your individual tastes. If you prefer different metals, complementary designs can link the two together, or you can even have rings made that incorporate two or more metals.

If you go with different rings, or even if your rings match exactly, personalized engraving can add a layer of meaning to your choice. Your wedding date, a short sentence declaring your love, or a Bible verse are common choices for engraved inscriptions that truly make your rings unique to you. Don't forget, though, that if you have personalized engravings put on your rings, you need to allow plenty of time for the jeweler to do that. You want to make sure you have your beautiful, unique rings ready for your wedding day.

Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

Wedding Ring and Wedding Band Options for Men

These days men are looking for something a little different, and want more than just a traditional wedding band. Take a look through this wedding ring information about what wedding band options are now available for men. You may find exactly the alternative ring you'll really like.

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