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Plus Size Wedding Gowns - The Ins and Outs

Every woman should feel beautiful on her wedding day. Whether she is skinny or plus sized, a woman should know what dress suits her and should embrace looking and feeling like the only woman in the world on her special day. Knowing the tricks to finding the perfect gown is the start. In order to select the wedding dress that is perfect for you, it is a good idea to consider the different plus size shapes and the types of dresses that flatter them the most.

Plus Size Hourglass and Rectangular Figure

The hourglass figure is also known as the "X" shape and the curvy shape. Flattering the hourglass is relatively easy - the trick is to draw attention to your waist. If you are tall, accentuating the waist is your goal. If you are short, however, too much attention on the waist will make it appear as though you have been cut in half. Balance is important. Shorter women should wear a gown with vertical lines that curve in slightly toward your waist. Avoid dresses that have horizontal waistlines. Soft fabrics, a-lines, sheaths, and ball gowns all compliment the curvaceous body of an hourglass figure.

The Rectangular Figure
The rectangular figure is also referred to as the "H" shape, the "I" shape, and the straight shape. Just as with the hourglass figure, finding a dress with vertical lines that curve in slightly at the waist is the trick. The silhouette of the rectangular figure is flat and straight up and down, so fitted bodices work wonders. Basque waists, v-waists, and slightly dropped waists will work wonderfully for the rectangular shape. Remember to avoid the horizontal waistline. The empire waistline, however, fits beautifully on this shape. Raised waists, a-lines, Basque waistlines, sheaths, and dropped waists all work here. Gathered fabric and pleats won't work, however, so don't go there.

Plus Size Wedding Gown Apple and Pear Figure

The Apple Figure
The apple figure is also called the "O" shape, the circle shape, or the round shape. This figure, being larger above the waist and narrower around the hips, is more difficult to dress. The trick to looking good here? Vertical lines. As always, avoid the horizontal waistline, as well as crinolines. Don't go for pleats or gathered material around your waist - this will just make you appear larger than you are. Rather, search for two-piece gowns. A tunic-style top over a straight skirt would flatter the apple figure tremendously. Draping a-lines and empire waists will make you look and feel much better than just about any other style. If you simply can't find a wedding gown that suits you, take a look in the evening wear sections of the stores you're shopping - white lacy gowns in these styles will work just as well.

The Pear Figure
The pear figure is also known as the "A" shape and the triangle shape. Fitted bodices that are well-defined work on tiny-waisted pear shapes. This is the shape for a gown with a horizontal waistline, as well. Pointed, V-shaped bodices elongate the upper body, making the skirt flow outward. This makes the wider hips of the pear shape virtually disappear. Skirts that flare are ideal for the pear shape, balancing the hips with the lower legs. A common problem among pear shaped women is the tendency towards small, sloped shoulders, so many need shoulder pads to balance out a gown. This is no problem, as thin shoulder pads can be purchased cheaply at most fabric stores. The best bet is to avoid straight skirts, as the hips pull on the skirt, making you appear bigger than you are. Also, aim away from the empire waist, since it camouflages the tiny waist. Try to stick to defined waists and a-line skirts.

Shopping for a bridal gown should be an exciting experience. Whether you choose to shop online, pick a dress from a store, or have one specially made, the trick to plus-size gown shopping is knowing your body type. By coordinating the right styles for your body type, you can be the most beautiful bride in the world.

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Wedding Gown Shopping

Don't shop for your gown on a Saturday. Weekends are when brides are out in full force shopping for their gowns and accessories. Choose to shop for a dress on weekdays when it's quieter and you will receive more personalized attention.

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