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Having a Beautiful Wedding on a Budget

Lots of weddings start out as modest affairs only to balloon into mega events. One basic rule of thumb is "The More You Spend on a Wedding, the Tackier it gets." This isn't always the case, of course, but budget weddings are a growing trend - and understandably so.

Making Wise Wedding Financial Decisions

To spend your life savings on a wedding is more than just crazy. Would it not be better to use that money as a down payment on a house, or some other such lasting item? The wedding itself should be wonderful, but, let's face it, it's over in just a few minutes and your future happiness would be better served by using that money on your new home.

It's not true that you have to empty your bank account to have a splendid wedding. More and more couples these days are realizing that - and it's no longer assumed that the bride's parents are going to pay for the whole shebang. And, since a growing number of couples are living together for some time before they get married, the idea of the parents paying is getting less and less likely.

Enjoying a Beautiful Wedding

Planning a Budget Wedding does not mean that you cannot have an elegant, beautiful wedding. You can still show style and evoke sentimentality. But, it does mean using your imagination, friends and family instead of paying through the nose for professionals. Be creative and don't just do what everyone else is doing and you will save money along the way. Some simple ways to do so include:

Buying your dress secondhand
Having friends and family make your food and cake for you in lieu of a wedding gift
Using an MP3 player instead of hiring a DJ
Having your reception at home with only close friends and family
Not inviting the entire universe to your wedding.
Have the wedding outdoors, in your backyard.
Ask a family member or good friend to host the reception in their home.
Have a theme wedding, which can usually be done inexpensively and is often great fun for everyone.

Just remember, there are many ways to plan a budget wedding. Careful planning and selection of services should always be in the forefront of your mind. Invite only those who are most important to you and your families, not everyone you know. This can be difficult, but is necessary - as each guest adds to the cost of the reception. The best way to think about this is to go through the list of potential invitees and cross off the ones who would gladly attend, but wouldn't be offended if they were not asked to do so.

Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

Reception Location Tips

Location is key when planning your wedding reception. Weather permitting, your wedding reception could be held in someone's back yard or at a local park to save money. Keep the number of people invited as low as possible to limit the size of reception hall needed.

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