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Destination Wedding: Going Exotic

Where would you like to get married? If your response is any of the slew of traditional destinations, such as Paris, Venice, Niagara Fall, or your parent's backyard, then perhaps you should consider one of the hottest trends in weddings right now: the destination wedding at a remote and exotic location.

Choosing the Right Location

As long as your personal preferences and cultural obligations permit, then maybe you should seriously consider the mystic of Bali, the rugged Australian outback, or even a remote Hawaiian island for your wedding. Pick the destination that fills your soul with desire and graces your fondest dreams at night. Keep in mind, however, that the farther and more desolate the destination, the harder it will be for guests to join the most important day of your life.

Inviting Your Guests

When planning a destination wedding, make sure to send out invitations far in advance. After all, the majority of your guests will have to make some monetary and social calculations before they reply to your RSVP. If you are worried that too many guests will be unable to attend, remember that you may have the wedding ceremony at the destination of you choice and you can then hold the reception at a more convenient, albeit less exciting, location.

Reducing the Stress of Destination Wedding Planning

You may be surprised to learn that there can be significantly less planning involved when planning a remote wedding. The strenuous social etiquette involved in weddings tends to be a serious burden on most couples. When deciding on a more adventurous wedding, the significantly smaller amount of guests will help reduce the number of hands you have to shake and kisses on the cheek you will have to endure through the night. In addition, the resorts located at these destinations are perfectly suited to take care of even the biggest headaches that weddings will often cause. Imagine a wedding where the floral arrangements, entertainment and catering are all planned for you. Sounds great doesn't it?

Many soon to be couples are actually taking this new phenomenon a step further by eloping, which many choosing very exotic locations. A native priest performing his exotic and romantic wedding rituals in front of your very eyes is something very few people can claim to have experienced. Bringing a camera to these special events is a must because of its rare nature.

Don't let the cost or lack of guests deter you from deciding on a secluded wedding destination. You can always come back home and throw another party for your friends and family who couldn't attend.

Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

Destination Wedding Tips

Destination wedding guests are traveling to your wedding at their own expense for airfare etc.. Show your appreciation to your wedding guests by giving some nice gifts. For example, have a welcome package waiting for them at the hotel include some items they might need. Sunscreen, flip flops and a cute towel for a beach wedding are good examples.

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