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Benefits to Taking a Honeymoon Cruise

by Shannon Kietzman, writer for Your Wedding

Some couples shy away from taking a dream honeymoon cruise because they are afraid it is too expensive. In reality, there are a number of benefits associated with cruise packages and these once-in-a-lifetime trips can possible even save you money in the long run!

Cost Effectiveness and Convenience Of Wedding Honeymoon Cruises

A honeymoon cruise can be far less costly than you might think, and can even be a cost effective alternative for your special time. In fact, an all-inclusive cruise takes care of your meals, lodging, and entertainment for the entire time you are away. For a little extra, you can take amazing shore tours and participate in exotic activities, such as snorkeling. If your cruise itinerary includes stopping off at several islands or countries, which most do, you can enjoy visiting a number of exciting locations for a fraction of the cost it would be to visit each individually.

In addition, a honeymoon cruise is very convenient. You can visit a number of different locations without ever unpacking a suitcase. In addition, you do not need to drive yourself anywhere or navigate your way through an area that is unfamiliar to you. You also never need to carry cash, credit card, or checks with you while on board Ė leaving your hands free the entire time you are onboard. Unlike staying at a hotel, all of your meals and entertainment are within walking distance and you donít have to pay a single cent more. If you do wish to indulge in extra amenities, all you need to do is use your cruise ID card to add it to your tab.

Variety and Safety of Honeymoon Cruises

Your honeymoon cruise will also be sure to be filled with variety. With so many cruise lines to choose from, you are guaranteed to find one that fits your lifestyle and taste. In addition, you can choose the activities you wish to participate in. Therefore, no two days need be the same. You can choose from fun and games, casino gambling, intellectual lectures, sports activities, or entertainment such as watching musicians, comedians, or even jugglers.

Your palette can also enjoy variety. With a large number of foods available, and included in the price of your cruise ticket, you can try foods you have never dared try before. If you decide you donít like it, you can simply request something different. Or, you can experiment with your adventurous side by climbing rock walls offered on some ships. Perhaps you have never been to a spa. Take a spa tour to sample the offerings and decide for yourself if the full treatment is worth the extra cost.

You are also safe while on a cruise ship Ė safer than you would often be if in a hotel, particularly in a large touristy city. All activities are closely monitored and passengers are tracked to ensure no unauthorized people board the ship. In addition, a resident doctor is on every ship, along with a well-stocked infirmary. Even shore excursions are screened carefully before being offered to guests.

With so many benefits associated with a honeymoon cruise, there is certainly no reason to shy away from taking the trip of a lifetime!

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