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Destination Wedding Or A Traditional Wedding

Do you imagine your dream wedding at a remote destination or somewhere a little more traditional? Are you aspiring to throw a mega event with hundreds of guests or perhaps you want something a little more humble and intimate? Each couple is suited to a specific event and location. Yet, how do you know which wedding is the right one for you? Hopefully, this guide will make answering this difficult question much easier.

Enjoying a Destination Wedding

First of all, the old saying that smaller is cheaper does not apply to all weddings. If you decide on a destination wedding, keep in mind that there is a greater than average chance that you will be footing the bill for most guests. Even if your guest list includes fewer people, footing the bill for your destitute cousin or your elderly grandmother can prove to be a steep monetary ordeal.

When push comes to shove, don't be afraid to remove everyone from your guest list unless they are close family and friends. You can always hold another celebration for your in-laws when you get home. Don't let the perceived social obligation of inviting the entire world stand in the way of your dream wedding. If you are unable to make the necessary adjustments to your guest list, then maybe the traditional wedding is the more appropriate choice for you and your spouse.

Having a Traditional Wedding

Traditional weddings, while sometimes less expensive than destination weddings, carry a cost that cannot be overlooked. The rehearsal dinner can be quite pricey and you will be expected to cover some of the traveling expenses for out of town guests. You will have little or no chance of greeting each and every guest and spending the desired time with them. If these are sacrifices you are willing to make in order to have your dream wedding at a grand old church, overflowing with guests who include every family member, acquaintance and accomplice, then don't be afraid to hold the traditional wedding.

Regardless of your final decision, make sure to gather as much information as you can. Visit wedding portals as well as travel portals to help you make a more informed choice and to learn about the some of the mistakes others have made before you. Remember to think about how you will look back on your wedding. Do you want to look at photos of you and all of your friends and family together in a large church or reception hall? Or, do you want to look back at pictures of you and your sweetheart alone or with only a few close family members and friends? Make sure to take the pros and cons of both paths into consideration, because this may very well be the first important event that defines the both of you as a couple.

Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

Are They For You?

Destination weddings aren't for everyone. If a big wedding with all your friends and family is what you desire, skip this idea. Even with a year or more of planning, it's just about impossible to get everyone's schedules coordinated for this kind wedding.

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