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Enjoying Shore Excursions While on a Honeymoon Cruise

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When you purchase your cruise ticket for you much-anticipated honeymoon cruise, you will certainly want to consider the types of shore excursions included. There are a number of options available to passengers and it might be worth the added expense for you and your honey to take advantage of one of the excursions offered. At the same time, you are free to debark the ship and explore on your own.

Types and Duration of Cruise Ship Shore Excursions

No matter what cruise line you sail with, you will have a number of shore excursions available on your honeymoon cruise. These excursions cater to all sorts of ability levels and interests. Most cruise lines offer similar excursions. Commonly offered excursions include:

Horseback riding through wildlife preserves, beaches, or historical ruins
Canopy tours through the jungle, including ropes courses or zip lines
Scuba diving and snorkeling with instructors
Glass-bottom boat or submarine tours including views of shallow sunken wrecks or reefs
Historical tours in jeeps or busses, as well as walking and biking tours
Trips to local attractions, such as botanical gardens, resorts, and museums
Party tours, including beach breaks and pub crawls
Sports such as hiking, kayaking, catamaran sailing, and golfing
Helicopter tours of ruins, glaciers, and other sites
Wildlife encounters with animals such as dolphins and stingrays, as well as whale watching

The length of the excursion you choose while on your honeymoon cruise will depend on the cruise line and the specific excursion. If you choose to visit a historical attraction or to visit just one site, the excursion will generally be short. Adventure excursions, however, will usually take several hours or can even take the entire day. No excursion will last longer than the time the ship will be docked and, if something causes the excursion to run late, it will not leave without you.

Cost of Cruise Ship Shore Excursions

The cost of the shore excursion also varies greatly depending on the activity. Tours are typically about $25-35 per person. Wildlife encounters, on the other hand, generally cost more than $100. Tours requiring a great deal of transportation or special transportation such as helicopters are generally more costly and can easily cost $150 or more. But, for a honeymoon cruise, the sky is the limit!

Most everything you will need for your shore excursion is included in the cost. If you wish to get souvenirs or purchase photographs, however, you should expect to pay extra. Storage locker rental or pellets for feeding fish when snorkeling are also usually extra.

To purchase your shore excursion package, you will need to consult the cruise line. Some allow excursions to be booked several days prior to setting sail. This allows you to examine your honeymoon cruise options and to prepare ahead of time. If you wish to purchase the excursion online, you will need to have your sailing date, ship name, and reservation number. All of this information should be included on your cruise ticket.

You can also purchase shore excursions after you board the ship, but this can add stress to the trip and waste precious time while on your honeymoon cruise. If you do decide to wait, however, the shore excursion desk will be available from the moment you board the ship. Here, you can get your questions answered and purchase the excursions you prefer.

While on a honeymoon cruise, it is not absolutely necessary to go on a shore excursion. But, taking advantage of the many excursions available will certainly make your experience more enjoyable and memorable.

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