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A Look At Honeymoon Cruise ID Cards

by Shannon Kietzman, writer for Your Wedding

ID cards are an important component of a honeymoon cruise. These special cards, which are provided to you by the cruise line, help the staff keep track of the passengers. In addition, they help maintain security and provide passengers with a quick and easy way to purchase drinks and other goods without needing to carry around money.

Using Your Honeymoon Cruise ID Card

Generally, passengers receive their ship ID cards when checking in at the embarkation port. After all of the proper documentation has been completed, you will receive the ID card along with a cabin key and any last minute notices such as changes in the itinerary. When you enter the ship, you will need to insert the card into a kiosk while standing in a designated spot. Here, your picture will be taken and imprinted onto the ID card.

The name given to your ID card will vary from cruise line to cruise line. Royal Caribbean Cruise line, for example, calls it the SeaPass card. Carnival Cruise line, on the other hand, refers to the ID card as Sail & Sign. No matter the name, they all serve essentially the same purpose and look about the same. All are the size of a credit card and contain information such as your name, cabin number, dining time, and table assignment. They can be easily inserted into a wallet or lanyard holder, making it easy to keep them with you at all times.

The primary purpose of the ship ID card is to help the cruise line make sure all passengers are on board when it is time to debark from a port of call. For this reason, all passengers are given a card no matter their age. Each time you leave and board the ship, you will need to insert the card in a kiosk so a special computer can record it. This allows the cruise line to be able to immediately determine if all passengers are on board.

Benefits of Cruise ID Cards

In addition to helping the cruise line make sure you are onboard, the ID card is also used to verify dining times on board, as well as table assignments. Therefore, you will need to present it to the dining room staff upon entering. It also verifies your cabin assignment, which is particularly useful if you have one a contest or other prize because it will simple be delivered to your cabin.

Your ID card also lets you make purchases at the onboard boutiques and gift shops. They can also be used for purchasing alcoholic beverages and most cards include verification as to whether or not you can legally purchase alcohol, as well. Much like a credit card, you will simply build up your expenses on the card and pay them off when the cruise is over. What is the best part of the ID card? It provides a simple, yet wonderful, souvenir of your honeymoon cruise!

The cruise ID card is perhaps the most important thing for you to keep with you while on a cruise. So, take care of it and enjoy a romantic, fun, and memorable honeymoon cruise.

2006 Your Wedding

This article was written exclusively for Your Wedding by Shannon Kietzman.

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