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Picking the Perfect Jewelry for Your Wedding Dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress often is atop a bride-to-be's planning list. It's not uncommon for women to realize the princess-like dress they had envisioned wearing since they were 6 years old just doesn't look right after trying it on. Don't worry. That happens and it provides a good starting point to look for other dresses.

If that happens, a good tactic is to try on all the dresses that even slightly interest you. You might be surprised as to which dresses please you and which don't once you see them in a mirror.

Considering Jewelry While Selecting a Dress

Most people build up a ďlookĒ or theme around one particular piece of their wedding day outfit. It might take a while to settle on a theme, and it may change several times before the big day, but at some point you will probably see a gorgeous pair of shoes, or an adorable bouquet of flowers that inspires the rest of your outfit, or even the whole wedding. Whatever your inspiration, itís a good idea to try and get each piece of the outfit to sit harmoniously with everything else. Donít feel that you have to colour match everything perfectly, but donít buy things in isolation.

How to shop for Wedding Day Jewellery and Wedding Rings

Buying a wedding ring is not a purchase to be rushed. While wedding day jewellery is key to bringing together your look on the big day, you will wear your wedding ring forever. Many jewellers now have fantastic websites to complement their high street stores. This means that you can either research on the web and go into a store to buy your rings or vice versa. Websites are great for getting hold of unusually large or small sizes, and frequently offer delivery within a couple of days of your order. You can often find more information about jewellery around the site, and even view large photos of the pieces to be sure you are getting exactly what you want.

Types and Styles Of Wedding Jewelry

So, why are we discussing wedding dresses in an article about jewelry? It's a crucial first step. Finding the right jewelry will be much easier once you've found the right dress.

When looking at dresses, consider the cut of the dress as it relates to jewelry options. A sleeveless dress provides more open space on your chest to wear a necklace and different shapes of necklaces. With a halter-cut dress, a single-strand necklace might work best or consider the option of skipping a necklace and buying a pair of earrings and a bracelet.

You should also look closely at how your dress is decorated. Does it have large patterns that show off a lot of sequins or pearls? Or, is it a more simple dress with fewer accents, like in the pleats? This is a vital detail in choosing the right jewelry to match.

Wearing a simple dress offers the opportunity to wear more elaborate jewelry, such as the Swarovski Three Point Crystal Necklace. This jewelry matches well with dresses that don't have much beadwork.

If your dress has more detail, then find jewelry that fits the tone of the decorations. The Swarovski Crystal and Single to Double Pearl Necklace is a nice fit to a dress having more sequins and pearls.

Make certain the jewelry you buy matches. Buying a set is not required but would make the task of coordinating the pieces much easier. Look to match the basics, such as shapes, colors and stones.

For unusual dresses, like family heirlooms, look for help in finding the right jewelry. One option is online at, where you can match your dress to the right types of Swarovski pearls and crystals.

Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

Cleaning Your Diamond Jewelry

The best method for cleaning diamond wedding jewelry is a jeweler's polishing cloth. Many jewelers will clean your diamond ring for free if you are making a purchase in the store.

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