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Wedding Table Candy Centerpieces

Hereís a different twist from the customary floral centerpieces that adorn your reception tables. Itís fun, itís different, itíll be noticed and most of all, it will be enjoyed.

Types Of Wedding Reception Table Candy Bouquets

Go down the candy aisle of your grocery store, and let the fun begin. There is so much candy to choose from that your creativity will run wild. Have an open mind and select different types and candy in a variety of colors. Some of the candy can be individually wrapped while others donít have to be. Buy the candy in snack size like you would for trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

The candy canít be hard, however, it has to be soft enough to put on the end of a stick. Certain candy that instantly comes to mind are strips of red licorice, green spearmint leaves, Rolos, Tootsie Rolls, Reeseís peanut butter cups, snickers, milky way, snack size bags of M&Mís, etc, etc, etc. You want your centerpiece to be interesting, so also consider candies of different size and shape.

Candy Centerpiece Decorations - What You'll Need

Here is what youíll need.

1) Terracotta flower pots or wicker baskets
2) Heads of Ice Berg Lettuce (1 head for every 2 pots)
3) Shish Kebab Sticks (buy packages of two different lengths)
4) A Vast Assortment of Candy
5) Decorative Ribbon

This is so easy to do, that itís unbelievable! Take your head of cabbage or lettuce, and cut it in half, so you have two pieces. Place one half into your pot or basket.

Take your shish kebab sticks and attach a piece or package of candy on each one. When using the shish kebab sticks, you will notice that one end has a point on it while the other end is dull. Stick the candy on the dull end.

Weave a leaf of lettuce onto the stick underneath the candy to both cover the stick and to make it look like a leaf.

To assemble your centerpiece, stick the pointy end of the shish kebab stick into the lettuce and randomly insert all the sticks as if making a floral display. It is easier if you start in the middle of the lettuce and work your way out. Put in as many sticks as you think look good. No set pattern is necessary Ė just mix it all up with a variety of candy and a variety of colors.

Tie a colorful ribbon around the pot or basket, and you have created a fun and flirty centerpiece that will add conversation, laughter, and life to your table. Enjoy!

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