Wedding cost savings tips and Ideas.

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Cutting Wedding Budget Costs

Weddings are always an occasion that people look forward to. This special day is almost always enjoyable for your guests. But, for you, it can be stressful at times and very time consuming for you when planning for it. While you want your special day to be memorable, this doesn't mean you have to make it expensive. So, how do you make your day memorable without creating the added expenses? Here are some helpful tips on cutting budget costs.

Reducing the Number of Invited Guests

Trimming the number of guests on your list is by far the easiest, yet toughest way to cut big costs from your wedding budget. You should decide on a limit on the number of people being invited for you, your fiancÚ and for your parents. This will not only make you consider who you truly want to be there, but also the cost you'll pay per person. This includes the cost of food, beverage, invitations, postage, number of favors needed, table decorations - pretty much everything can be cut based on the number of invited guests. Although it can be tough to cut people from the list, it can also save you a bundle.

Cutting Costs with Save the Date Cards and Wedding Invitations

How many invitations have you saved from events you've been invited to? More importantly, how many wedding invitations have you saved? Chances are, not many. If you think your guests are any different, think again. You have a budget, and it shouldn't include overpriced ink and paper. There are many options now for invitation kits at many national retailers. You can print them in your own printer and they will look just as nice as if they were professionally printed. As far as save the date cards go, email in many ways can suffice or a simple postcard can do the trick.

Cutting the Cost of Wedding Cake

Unless you are having a huge wedding, you won't need a huge cake for your wedding. Many brides-to-be overestimate the amount of cake they need for their guests. If your wedding is smaller, you can forgo a tall, over-decorated cake that costs a lot of money. Instead, go to a cake shop for a more realistic estimate of the amount of cake you'll need.

Not a big fan of cake? What about cupcakes? This trend has become quite popular and allows for more of a variety to be had with a much smaller price tag. If you must have cake, here is a little known trick: purchase a small cake for show and the cutting ceremony and have a sheet cake in the kitchen that is served to the guests. No one will ever know the difference!

In the end, prioritizing your expenses can help you achieve the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Wedding Cost Saving Ideas and Tips

Number Of Wedding Guests

The number of guests shouldn’t be too large if you want to cut wedding costs. Invite only your closest friends and family members. You’ll save on the food, too.

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