Wedding day grooming tips for the groom

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Grooming Tips for The Groom

While most of the beauty focus seems to revolve around the bride, let's not forget about that special man waiting at the altar who also wants to look his best. There will be a lot of photographs taken and a lot of people you will greet on your wedding day. Here are a few tips to help you look and feel great.

Before anything else and most important! Do not do attempt anything drastic before your big day. Now is not the time to experiment with something new because if you don't like the results, you are stuff with them. Also, you want to look like "you" on your wedding day - not like some guy who looks like he just had a make-over and no one recognizes.

Groom Wedding Day Skincare

If going to a spa for a facial treatment is not your style, here's one you can do right at home. Do this twice a week, and if you begin the process a month before your wedding, you will notice a visible difference in time for your big day. Run the water in your bathroom sink until it is steaming hot, plug the drain, and fill up the sink. Lean over the water, place a wet towel over your head, and cover the whole sink area to prevent the steam from escaping. These hot vapors will open your pores and make your skin more accessible for deep cleaning. After about five minutes, remove the towel and wash your face with an exfoliate scrub. The little granules in the scrub lift dirt out of your pours as well as diminish the appearance of black heads. In circular motions, use your fingertips to clean your skin, paying attention not to get too close to the eye area. Rinse with hot/warm water to remove the scrub then do a final rinse with very cold water which will close your pores. Do not do this right after you have shaved because you don't want to over-irritate your skin. I strongly recommend doing this at night before you go to bed. On most skin types, this procedure will generate more activity in your oil glands, and these oils will serve as natural moisturizers as you sleep. They will be gone by morning thus eliminating your face from looking greasy and/or shiny when you wake up.

Groom's Wedding Day Hair

Again, plan ahead. Get your hair cut or trimmed a week or two before your wedding. This will give your hair time to fall naturally into its style and it won't have that stiff look, like you just walked out of the barber shop. It will also give you time to tan around your hairline, if need be. Having a white line around where your hair used to be is probably not the look you want.

Groom's Hand and Foot Care

Your hands are going to be on display all day, so please do some maintenance on them. Nails must be clean, trim, and filed to smooth away jagged edges. Dry cuticles can be remedied easily by rubbing olive oil into them while they are wet and wiping off the excess with an abrasive towel. You will be shaking a lot of hands that day, and your hands will most likely be photographed holding the hand of your bride and displaying your rings. Apply a non-greasy moisturizer every time you wash your hands, and they should be ready for the wedding day.

The same procedure goes for your feet. Chances are they won't be on display until your honeymoon, but do your bride a favor and make sure they look presentable. You know how the saying goes - look your best from head to toe. She will appreciate it.

The Groom's Smile

Trust me, you will be smiling all day, so it is imperative that your choppers look their best. If you do not use dental floss on your teeth, you are doing yourself an injustice, so start now. Twice a day is ideal. It will remove food particles that your toothbrush may have left behind and will make your teeth and gums look healthier. If you will be doing this for the first time, expect some blood when you floss. After a few more times, your gums will have toughened up, and the bleeding will subside. If your teeth are yellow in color from coffee or smoking, try Crest White strips. They are a little pricey, but they are worth every penny and so are you. You will have noticeably whiter teeth in only two weeks. They really make a difference. If you can't afford them, try brushing your teeth with whitening toothpaste followed by another brushing with Arm & Hammer baking soda every time you brush. Make an appointment with your dentist to have your teeth cleaned and polished the day before your wedding.

If you look great, you will feel great. Have confidence in yourself and you will ooze with an unmistakable appeal that is very attractive. Be yourself, let yourself go, dance, smile, and celebrate your wedding day to the fullest. This happiness will be captured for all to see in the photographs, and you will see how truly amazing you looked that day.

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Groom attire, smile, hair and skin care ideas for the wedding day.

Wedding Planning Tips for the Groom

Getting In Shape For Your Wedding

The day you book your wedding is the best time to join a gym. It will provide all the motivation you need. Going to the gym three times a week and eating a healthy balanced diet should tone your body and keep the weight off.

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