Cheap wedding table centerpiece decoration ideas

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Inexpensive Centerpiece Decorations

While exquisite floral arrangements make beautiful centerpieces, they are also quite costly, so if you are looking to cut corners here, you have many other inexpensive options to choose from that won't break the bank.

Inexpensive Wedding Centerpieces

If you don't want to eliminate flowers altogether, you can adorn your tables with a single white rose in a clear glass bud vase. Lavish it with freshly cut baby breath and vivid greens. It is classic, elegant, and affordable. Do you have a friendly neighbor that grows beautiful flowers in their yard? They would undoubtedly be honored if they were asked to contribute to your wedding by donating their flowers. You can purchase affordable vases in a variety of shapes and sizes at your local dollar store, and make your own arrangements. Add a nice touch by putting clear marbles at the bottom of the vases to add glimmer and shine to your centerpiece. They will also hold the stems in place

Candle and Balloon Centerpiece Decorations

Slow burning pillar candles are also nice. Glue a piece of lace or ribbon around the base of the candle and glue on a string of pearls or white satin bows. Surround the candle with elegant ribbons of silver or gold and curl the edges with scissors to give it a finished look.

How about balloons? Your local party store has a vast array of colors and sheens to pick from. I would recommend white, pearlized white, and/or pearlized silver and gold. Tie together three balloons per table. Anymore than that, and it can start to look like a birthday party. Fill them with helium and keep the strings long enough, so they won't obstruct your view of the other side of the table.

Inexpensive Fruit Wedding Table Centerpieces

Why not consider a bowl of plump juicy grapes - a bunch of both purple and green. In the middle if it, place a bottle of chilled champagne. Or two inexpensive wine glasses on a tray with a white linen napkin. You can drape silver beads over them to give an elegant effect. How about a bowl of fresh strawberries on a lace doily with sprinkled confectionery sugar on top? Stack three decorative boxes on top of each other in a tier fashion and fill each with hard candies. Tie them together with a ribbon, put a bow on top and you have a tower of candy for someone to take home. Another simple and inexpensive idea a plant! Dress it up with iridescent wrapping, tie it with some curling ribbon, and there you have it.

Wedding Cake Centerpiece

Here's a great idea if you're crafty. Make a two-tier wedding cake out of inexpensive white towels. For each cake, you will need a bath towel and a hand towel. Take each towel and fold it over three or four times lengthwise, and roll it up. Use a safety pin to keep it from unrolling. Place the small towel roll on top of the larger towel roll and you have your basic cake. Hold them together by wrapping tulle around it as if you were tying together a gift and tie a bow on top of the cake. Decorate with artificial flowers and strings of pearls.

Each of these centerpiece ideas are very affordable compared to what you would spend on traditional floral arrangements. With a little bit of imagination and some "dressing up", you can create something elegant for the tables that your guests will want to take home and that you will be proud of.

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Disposable Camera Favors

A recent trend in centerpiece decorations are disposable cameras with ribbons and bows tied around them. Type a note to hang from the camera letting guests know to take pictures throughout the night and then place the cameras inside a designated box as they leave..

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