Aston Kutcher Demi Moore Wedding News September 27, 2005

Aston Kutcher Demi Moore Wedding photos

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Actors Moore and Kutcher married in Los Angeles




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Actors Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore Tie The Knot

September 27, 2005


Are we being punk'd? Actors Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were married on Saturday, Sept. 24 capping their celebrated two-year-long relationship.


The Kabbalah ceremony was held at the couple's home in Beverly Hills, and was performed by Moore's Kabbalah teacher.

Kutcher, 27, and Moore, 42, wedding was attended by about 100 of the couple's friends. Among the celebrities in attendance was Bruce Willis, Moore's second husband, and their three children. Moore's three children spoke at the ceremony.


Moore wore a cream-colored gown. The bride and groom cut into a vanilla-bean cake colored powder-blue.

It was the first marriage for Kutcher and third for Moore. She was previously married to rock musician Freddie Moore and from 1987 to 2000 to Willis.


The Kutcher / Moore wedding photos were published by OK magazine. The photos were sold to the magazine by the couple for an undisclosed sum.


In the wedding photos Kutcher is wearing a cream Brooks Brothers suit and a fedora. Moore is wearing a white Lanvin gown in the photos.


In an interview in the September Harper's Bazaar issue, Moore said Kutcher is her "soul mate" and that they planned to expand their family.





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Wedding news stories Aston Kutcher Demi Moore Wedding News September 27, 2005 Actors Moore and Kutcher married in Los Angeles. Wedding photos published in OK magazine.